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    The largest purchasing advisor and price comparator on the Czech market. Heureka’s goal is to simplify and speed up people’s online shopping, help with choosing the right product and shopping in a reliable e‑shop. Heureka Group is the largest price comparator in Europe.
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    MALL Group is the largest e-commerce group in Central and Eastern Europe whose portfolio combines four main areas: traditional e-commerce, online food sales, internet television and financial services for online shopping. In 2020, it delivered more than 14 million orders to its customers.
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    Koší is an online supermarket that will save you time and money.  It delivers a wide selection of food, cosmetic and household goods, including juicy fruits and vegetables, farm meat and the Delmart, Iceland and Authentic premium brands. They will deliver the purchase from 2 p.m. and they take the heavy bags even to the top floor.
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    RADIOHOUSE s.r.o.

    Media agency branch in Liberec. Radio, online, events.  Radio Blaník, Hitrádio, Fajn Rádio, Rock Rádio, Radio Contact Liberec and many others with nationwide activity. We represent Programmatic media and Impression media in online products.
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    The Czech company was founded in 1996. In the portfolio, in addition to content services (Seznam Zprávy, Televize Seznam, Stream, Prož, Garáž.cz), there is also a full-text search engine, they have their own browser, and Email Profi, a map application, a shopping advisor Zboží.cz, an advertising system, or,, and other services.
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    Since its founding in 1959, Steinel has constantly evolved from a pioneer to a technological and innovative leader on the sensor-controlled lighting technology market, as well as in the field of power tools such as hot air and glue guns. Steinel has come to the market with, among other things, IR sensor lamps and high-frequency sensor technology.
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    Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s.

    Kooperativa is a universal insurance company that has been offering a full range of services and all standard types of insurance for citizens, small businesses and large enterprises for almost 30 years. We are a Czech company with a stable background of the Vienna Insurance Group (VIG). It is a leading insurance specialist in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe.
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    Hypoteční banka

    The Hypoteční banka branch is part of the large ČSOB financial group and has been located in the building for more than 20 years. Our clients have a pleasant environment in which they feel like being at home. No cold counters or impersonal banking environment. In the comfort of our living room, clients consult their investment plans and conclude a mortgage contract for their dream home.
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    We are a family company founded in 1992 which initially established itself as a supplier of spare parts and accessories for textile machines of Czech manufacturers. Then we started supplying and providing parts and components for major European manufacturers. In 2000, we have started to specialize in the supply of presses and peripherals for the metalworking industry.
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    Johnson Controls

    The Johnson Controls subsidiary in Liberec supplies fire detection equipment (ZETTLER electric fire alarm systems) and fire extinguishing equipment (NEURUPPIN portable fire extinguishers and Tyco stable water fire extinguisher components).
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    We are a leading, purely Czech network of tobacco products, printed matter and lottery services. We started with the first tobacco shop in 1996. Since then, our network has grown to 145 shops throughout the Czech Republic and more are being added.
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    Pytloun hotels

    Experience Czech hospitality where this word fulfils its true meaning. PYTLOUN HOTELS belongs to the awarded Czech brands. They are a family of design and traditional hotels located in the heart of the capital city of Prague or in the centre of Liberec, as well as in beautiful mountain locations. Thanks to the consistent diversification of the portfolio, it offers accommodation for all types of travellers.
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    Czech Computer is a purely Czech online store with computers, electronics and gadgets, in which over 200 employees (the so-called GEEKs) have already found their job. At the same time, our aim is not only to sell, but also to advise on selection, to provide appropriate services such as free PC assembly, to inform about news in our country and in the world, and also to entertain you all.

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